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Re: RBL Update (Re: Lets go vixie!! rbl)

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Sat Jun 20 10:30:00 1998

> >The agreement Paul Vixie makes RBL users sign states that EXPLICITLY.


> >You are not allowed to use the RBL unless you disclose such use fully to
> >your customers and/or downstreams.

There is apparently some ambiguity surrounding my use of the verb "publish"
in the RBL Subscriber Agreement.  I will see that this is fixed in V2.1.

> "Makes"... makes how?  I simply enabled it in my sendmail configs and ran
> with it. Didn't even SEE where it mentioned that I *HAD* to go agree to
> stuff.

There is no requirement that anyone sign a license if they aren't subscribing,
where "subscribing" means receiving it as an eBGP4 or DNS "feed".  If you're
using "FEATURE(rbl)" in sendmail 8.9.0, or a similar feature of other mailers,
you're using the RBL but you're not a subscriber (and more power to you).

> Dunno what the solution is, but I can see a somewhat real problem here.

The first line of complaint is the ISP who uses the RBL.  If someone turns it
on without notifying their customers / downstreams, they'll hear about it
right quick.
Paul Vixie
La Honda, CA			"Many NANOG members have been around
<>			 longer than most." --Jim Fleming
pacbell!vixie!paul		 (An H.323 GateKeeper for the IPv8 Network)

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