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Re: Government scrutiny is headed our way

  • From: Jon Lewis
  • Date: Wed Jun 17 00:53:22 1998

On Tue, 16 Jun 1998, Karl Denninger wrote:

> We're looking into implementing filtering on ALL ingress paths, including
> dedicated line, as soon as we can come up with a tool to manage it
> automatically.  The dial side is trivial and as such I can't understand
> how ANYONE can have an excuse for not doing that - at this point.

For those who don't bother filtering "because it's too hard or too
complicated", if you don't want or can't afford to put the work into tight
ingress filtering on all interfaces, it's really easy to just say "our IP
blocks are A, B, and C.  Allow input with source addresses in A, B, or C,
deny everything else."  That will at least protect the rest of the
internet from your lusers.

On IOS, aren't packets going through ip access-group filters (that don't
do logging) fast switched as of some point in 11.2?  If ingress filtering
no longer has to put a huge burdon on router CPUs, it would be nice to see
ingress filtering on the routers backbone providers talk to customers
with.  Don't tell me it's too much of an administrative problem.  None of
my current backbone providers will listen to BGP advertisements that
haven't been arranged in advance (either by email or phone).  If I can't
advertise the space, why should I be allowed to spoof source addresses
from it?

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