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Re: So... what's the best routing solution for..

  • From: Greg Simpson
  • Date: Fri Jun 12 02:18:33 1998

He said this was an ethernet handoff from the isp; they are not simply 
going to plug him into a switch; he will most likely get a port on a 
cisco; they should be able to apply policies for him.. no?

I don't see why he even needs a router, unless there is a lack of a trust 
of the upstream's ability to filter.. Or if you know beforehand they will 

Oh, and c'mon Roeland, ipfwadm isn't *that* horrid. :) Granted, linux 
will not have release-stable socket filters until 2.2.*, but it ain't 
half bad..!

If your business requires offsite support of hw/sw, a 2514'd do you 
justice, but it can also be useful to have a un*x box as the router.. 
cheap proxy/cache engine anyone?


> >> >Don't use any routing protocol at all.  Actually, skip having your
> >> >own router too.
> >> 
> >> Agreed, we ran default static routes for a long time. Y'all don't even need
> >> a router. I might recommend a LinkSys 2-port ethernet switch, though.
> >> (Control collision domains, See DataComm Warehouse.).
> >
> >Hm. My main goal is to be able to block stuff from entering my LAN that 
> >I don't want there. With a Cisco or Livingston box or something similar,
> >it's just a question of installing filters. I could set up a box and use
> >ipfwadm, perhaps that would be the best thing to do?
> That would be the cheap thing to do. But, from personal experience, ipfwadm
> is a PITA! Granted, you only have to do the setup once, thank God.
> If you have the budget, buy a firewall-router/switch. But, they're
> decidedly not cheap.
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