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Re: SPID and portmaster 2 BRI.

  • From: Roeland M.J. Meyer
  • Date: Tue Jun 09 04:24:03 1998

At 03:21 PM 6/9/98 +0900, Tatsuya Kawasaki wrote:
>I am sure someone up there knows something about 5ESS and portmaster 2.
>Our local teleco does not seem to know what SPID is.  As far as I know
>according to the livingston manual, I should set up SPID in order to
>use ISDN.(well actually it is not true for switch type NTT.)
>I even call the company who sold the 5ESS to the teleco, Lucent
>Techonologies, Japan, they could not help us all.  
>According a field engineer, he has never heard of it.  He looked up
>the manual, he could not find SPID.
>Now this bring me to ask someone in this group.
>1. What SPID is called in teleco lingo?

Also SPID, you get one per B channel, depending on type of service.

>2. what switch types are capable with lucent 5ESS?

What you want is ATTmulti-point. You get two SPIDs with that.

>2.1 why can I find out which switch type we are really getting?

Ask your telco. Make sure you get their ISDN support folks. This is
generally a separate group.

>2.3 all I know from the teleco is their telecom "machine" is called 5ESS.

It's an AT&T model 5ess switch.

>2.4 They believe 5ESS is the switch type but ... 
>3. what network layer does this SPID setting is used?
>3.1 any more info on this SPID on ITU 400s ?

>4. Does anyone use portmaster 2 with BRI on  5ESS switch type?

>5. Any direct number to lucent Techologies that I could ask some questions
>about SPID and 5ESS stuff?
>6. Any suggestions?

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