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Re: WorldNIC

  • From: Jay R. Ashworth
  • Date: Mon Jun 08 11:32:26 1998

On Sun, Jun 07, 1998 at 08:10:09PM -0300, Chuck Gomes wrote:
> idNames, now a part of Network Solutions, offers registration in country code TLDs
> for companies that would like to do that.  Is that fraud?  What am I missing here?

First, Chuck, please adjust your mailer so that it hard breaks lines at
about 72 characters, won't you?

Now that we've gotten _that_ cleared up :-)

I read both replies to this to make sure I didn't overlap first, and
I'm glad I did, since _I_ hadn't done the math yet.  $243/domain is
quite a bit high, probably unconcsionably so, although I'm not here to
cast asparagus.

What _I_ take issue with (as most regular NANOG readers probably
already know) is this "the second level is really the first level"
bullshit that's being promoted by the unresponsible half of the
Internet world who are only in it for the money.

Domain Namespace is a natural resource, Mr. Gomes.  There _is_ only one
root; there can only be one root.  Thus, top level domains are scarce,
each one can only be used once.  Encouraging people to register their
second level domain in _every available TLD_ is inane at best, and
horribly stupid at worst.  This same sort of crap is why the government
has felt it necessary to step in and legally limit the taking of
natural resources in the physical world.

At least, _there_ the benefits people were trying unfairly to reap were
_tangible_.  In the DNS namespace, all this does is confuse the "normal
users" (IE: everyone who isn't a geek like us :-) to a faretheewell.

"Oh, is the same as, which is the same as  Why are the '.com' things there, then, at all?"

See how moronic this is?

There's some truly dumb stuff in the namespace, but this idea takes the
cake.  If this is the best y'all people can do -- and yes, my finger is
pointing _straight_ at NSI, Chuck -- y'all deserve to have every last
thing you do regulated by government lawmakers who don't have a clue
about engineering _either_.

But don't take the rest of us down with you, ok?  I think poking a
couple congressmen with a decent grasp of technology to get a full
audit of Net Sol's contract with the NSF might be interesting indeed...
but it would sure as hell make your life difficult.

-- jra
Jay R. Ashworth                                      
Member of the Technical Staff             Unsolicited Commercial Emailers Sued
The Suncoast Freenet      "Two words: Darth Doogie."  -- Jason Colby,
Tampa Bay, Florida             on             +1 813 790 7592

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