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$110,000 for Gated Source Code

  • From: brad
  • Date: Mon Jun 08 01:50:36 1998

> So far, I've had a large number of questions about a statement I made here
> in NANOG. The statement was made in passing, while I was looking for
> sources for something that would run BGP4 and allow us to transition from
> static single-homing to dynamic multi-homing. Rather than answer, yet many
> more inquiries, I am posting the answer here in NANOG, to fore-stall
> further such inquiries.
> MHSC prefers open-source whenever we can get it and prefer to run
> reference-standard code. This is why we run sendmail v8.8.8, qpopper, BIND,
> and others. 

I see no need for open source when it is quite obvious you do not
understand anything that you are compiling.

> We are a Caldera VAR and our servers are built up from Caldera
> Open Linux Standard edition, with about 30 add-ons <groan>. We *do* have
> BRU, Netscape, and other commercial binaries that have been bought, but not
> before attempting to find acceptable reference-standards. We have also
> provided DewPoint/Caldera with input towards an Enterprise Server
> distribution for Linux.
Linux.. the choice of a gnutered generation.

> Anyway, we've applied for an ASN and ran into the BGP4 requirement. Ergo,
> we were looking for the reference-standard BGP4 implementation, which is
> GateD. We (I) was *very* surprised at the attitude exhibited at
> <>. Very much anti-commercial. But, that does not
> matter to me as I have $other$ things to worry about (Paying the rent
> around here is one of them <sigh>). Ergo, having run *that* trail to
> ground, I posted a query here in NANOG, that Dean Anderson, Shane Wright,
> Craig Labovit, and others have answered.

Well, you can probably write your own BGP implementation in about
a month.  This would cost you considerably less than $110k assuming
a conservative valuation of your time ($4.25-$5.00/hr).  

> I now have gated v3.5.9, for Linux, and am building it now. I'll probably
> run into trouble, as I do with most things that don't have a configure
> script, or have an otherwise non-standard build process (Why is it that
> *only* the academic originated stuff is such a PITA? <sigh>).

sh: make: command not found
sh: Ihatethesefuckingcomputersasdf3252r23t2g: command not found
LINUX#goddamn these academic types 

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