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Re: Load balancing/Multiple CNAME's (Was: Re: Beyond DNS...)

  • From: Studded
  • Date: Fri Jun 05 20:58:07 1998

Michael Shields wrote:
> In article <>,
> Studded <> wrote:
> > > For the same reason you can't CNAME a zone's root to something else
> > > (meaning, if I am setting up the zone map for, I can CNAME
> > > to,
> >
> >       Right.
> >
> > > but I can't CNAME to
> > >, nor can I CNAME to, or any
> > > other host),
> >
> >       Why not?
> Because you cannot have CNAME RRs along with any other RR, including
> NS and SOA.  DNSSEC RRs are excepted.

	True, the example was a little fuzzy. If is the origin of that
zone then no, you can't add a CNAME for it. My point was that if it's
valid to point a name at a CNAME there is nothing wrong with pointing it
to one outside the zone, which is a common misconception. Sorry for the
> >       Finally, if you plan to disagree with anything in this post, please
> > quote chapter and verse from the relevant RFC. I've spent a lot of time
> > studying this topic and am quite sure of my facts.
> RFC 2181 section 10.1.

	Sorry I wasn't clear. I meant that you should actually quote the
material you want to refer to. I can't find any RFC 2181 either at or If you would be so
kind as to quote exactly what you are referring to and provide a URL so
that I can check out the context I'd appreciate it.


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