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Re: worldnic

  • From: Phil Howard
  • Date: Fri Jun 05 17:51:02 1998

> I must not be on enough or the right lists...but what's the deal with
>  I'd not heard anything about it until today.  I tried to
> move a domain (a .org domain) for a customer today, and got the following
> reply from 

It might be good to bring this up on the Domain Policy mailing list.
It might not be exactly correct there, but at least some NSI people
read there and they might know what is going on.  Maybe they can even
tell us something about it.  It also happens to be where a lot of
flaming of NSI takes place, even though NSI (or is that InterNIC)
is hosting the mailing list.

> Thank you for contacting Network Solutions, Inc., InterNIC
> Registration Services.
> The domain name you are attempting to update was registered
> through WorldNIC Services and should be updated via the following
> URL:

I checked the site, and could not find a way to make an update there.
They have a place to register a domain, but if you enter an existing
domain name, it merely tells you that you cannot use that one because
it already exists.

> This looks like Network Solutions taking advantage of its position as
> controller of the big three commercially used TLDs to find new ways to dip
> their fingers into another part of the pie...perhaps in anticipation of
> losing their monopoly on domain registrations.

I'm sure NSI wants to be a player in the domain name game.  I'm sure they
also want to be the big player.

> What does my ISP need to do to get setup with Network Solutions such that
> anytime someone wants to modify a domain registered through us, the
> request is bounced litterally saying "you can't do that, go talk to FDT 
> about it."?

I guess you need to become a registrar.  You would need to run the shared
registry system which would allow you to be a registrar for these TLDs.
But I don't see there being all that much difference between being a
registrar and simply doing what most ISPs already do and do the registering
for a customer via a registrar.

Well, I take that back ... I do see a difference ... it may be the case
that the registration policies MIGHT be different for each registrar.
That will be interesting.

Anyway, are domain issues appropriate for NANOG?  Certainly most network
operators do have to deal with them, but is it actually a network operation
issue?  I tend to think not.  So this all is probably more appropriate for
a domains oriented mailing list.

Phil Howard |
  phil      |
      at    |
  ipal      |
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