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Re: different thinking on exchanging traffic

  • From: Adrian Chadd
  • Date: Thu Jun 04 01:11:05 1998

Jon Lewis writes:
>On Wed, 3 Jun 1998, Adrian Chadd wrote:
>> Something of interest here might be centralising services at NAPs. For
>> example, putting a news server at the NAP running Cylone, the NAP
>> purchasing a news only T1 (or whatever) to serve the box, and then
>> participants who would like a news feed getting it directly from this
>> box and paying extra. 
>I went one step further and talked to some of the local ISPs about pooling
>some $ and having a NAP-owned nnrp server.  Why waste bandwidth and
>hardware duplicating a beast such as usenet servers if its not necessary.
>The ones I talked to agreed it seemed a good idea, but nothing ever came
>of it.

As with anything, you need to kick people to get it to happen. The peering
points here definitely took one person to get off their hide and get things

When its working in a few places, everyone does it. :-)

>> Just out of curiousity, since I'm not in the US, how much would a T1 cost
>> point to point inside a city, without default IP transit? With IP transit?
>In BellSouth land, I know a local point to point T1 circuit can be had for
>about $300/month ($1700 install).  With CLEC's getting into the business
>of selling circuits (especially if they have their own fiber) prices can
>be whatever they want to charge...usually less than the ILEC :) 


I'm not quoting AU prices here, again :)


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