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Re: different thinking on exchanging traffic

  • From: Bill Woodcock
  • Date: Mon Jun 01 17:16:23 1998

        > if [the San Diego NAP] is really a local-only exchange point,
        > i.e. no one is using it for transit, and all are only exchanging
        > local routes, lots of folk out here would be very interested in
        > real measurements.  like how much of an isp's traffic can they
        > actually shed locally?  not conjecture, real data.
    Quoting from <>: 
            "The primary purpose of the SD-NAP is to facilitate efficient
        interconnection of Internet Protocol transit networks within and to
        the San Diego Local Access and Transport Area, California LATA 6. The
        secondary purpose of the SD-NAP is to provide a platform for traffic
        analysis by CAIDA researchers, with the goal of promoting a robust,
        scalable global Internet infrastructure....  It is anticipated that
        the primary use of the facility will be for BGP peering between
        organizations for the purpose of exchanging local traffic.
        Participants are permitting UCSD staff to analyze their Internet
        traffic data as part of the consideration for supporting SD-NAP.
    So gathering exactly the information you're looking for is an explicit
    intention of the folks supporting the peering point.
    Regarding transit, it's a facility with a bunch of ISPs and a bunch of
    carriers and a bunch of people who might be potential customers of
    each other.  There's the peering point, across which people peer, and
    then there are private interconnections, across which people can do
    whatever the heck kind of transit or deals they feel like.  I don't know
    that any real-world peering point is going to yield quite the controlled
    environment you're positing, but this should come relatively close.  Or
    at least that's the intention.

bill woodcock

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