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RE: (*F) Re: USAC and SPIN

  • From: Jim Fleming
  • Date: Mon Jun 01 10:46:33 1998

On Monday, June 01, 1998 4:18 AM, James Rishaw[] 
@If you're trying to infer that SPIN = IP addresses, you're way wrong.

1. No, I was not trying to infer that.
2. There is more to life than configuring routers.
3. I often wonder if people that configure routers know how routing 
*should* work.
	Do people that drive cars know how cars work ? Do they care ?

Here is some more information for people interested in the more global
issues of numbering, and network operations.

The U.S. Government provides ISPs with SPIN numbers, FREE of charge.
Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN)  ARIN sells 16 bit
ASNs for $500. <> The IEEE provides 24 bit 
Unique Identifiers (OUI). <> The cost of 
OUI is U.S. $1,250.

Maybe we should create a Top Level Domain named .SPIN. That
TLD could be used to register the free SPIN numbers at the second level.
For example, Bell Atlantic might have 143001398.SPIN for Pennsylvania.
A TXT Record could be included in the DNS to contain the name
"Pennsylvania" for the SPIN number.

After registering a SPIN number, an ISP could add A records for their
ASNs and OUI information. Since an A record is a general purpose
container for 32 bit quantities, a single A record can be used to hold
an ASN in the low 16 bits. Another A record can hold the 24 bit OUI
in the low 24 bits. With this, the following DNS entries would return
A records:


As an alternative to the above, ARIN could negotiate with the IEEE
to obtain a unique 8 bit pre-fix for a block of OUI codes. This would
allow the 16 bit ASN to be combined with that prefix to complete the
unique 24 bit "company id" that is used in many IEEE standards. This
would allow ARIN to provide OUI numbers for $500 which is less
than the IEEE charge of $1,250.

Still another approach would be for ARIN to negotiate with the
Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) to obtain a block
of SPIN numbers. Since ASNs are 16 bits, the largest value is 65535.
Maybe USAC can assign a SPIN prefix such as 1431xxxxx and all
ASNs could be mapped to SPIN numbers. This would effectively allow
ARIN to create SPIN numbers for $500 each.

@@@@@ Other References @@@@@@


Whippany, NJ -- May 21, 1998 - The Universal Service Administrative
Company (USAC) is pleased to announce the appointment of former
Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) Chairman Cheryl L. Parrino
as USAC's first Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective June 1, 1998."


Bell Atlantic Service Provider Identification Numbers (SPIN)
143001398  143002680  143001362  143001422  143001401  143001432  143002681 
 143012559  143001291  143001288  143001303  143002682  143001314 
 143001359  143004468  143004333  143000677	


"For companies which have not filed a FCC Form 457, you may
contact USAC at (888) 641-8722 to obtain a SPIN assignment.



What is an Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI)/"company_id"?
An OUI/"company_id" is a 24 bit globally unique assigned number referenced
by various standards. OUI is used in the family of 802 LAN standards, e.g.,
Ethernet, Token Ring, etc.


Use of the IEEE assigned Organizationally Unique Identifier
with ANSI/IEEE Std 802-1990 Local and Metropolitan Area Networks

Cellular Digital Packet Data Networks
The EUI-48 consists of the 24 bit company_id (assigned by the IEEE/RAC)
and a 24 bit unique CDPD M-ES number (assigned by the manufacturer).

Use of the IEEE assigned 'company_id' value with IEEE Std 896.2-1991
Futurebus+ Physical Layer and Profiles


Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation - An H.323 GateKeeper for the IPv8 Network
0:196 .MALL

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