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RE: Why does Sprint have address filters again?

  • From: Jamie Scheinblum
  • Date: Mon Jun 01 07:47:27 1998

Sorry, should have clarified. The first ASN should always be the least
expensive.  When acquired at the same time as a netblock, the fees for
research and paper handing should be handled as one request. So if ARIN
breaks down the cost of a $500 ASN request to say it costs them in man power
to call the upstreams and verify the data is correct, then you should save
the $250 on processing the request for the netblock.

Best regards,

Jamie Scheinblum - FASTNET(tm) / You Tools Corporation (888)321-FAST(3278)
FASTNET - Business and Personal Internet Solutions 

The views stated above are mine and do not reflect those 
of my employer.

-----Original Message-----
From: Patrick W. Gilmore []
Sent: Monday, June 01, 1998 3:41 AM
Subject: Re: Why does Sprint have address filters again?

At 01:34 PM 5/31/98 -0500, Karl Denninger wrote:

>Uh, hold on a second....
>I didn't say to make the first ASN "unreasonably" expensive (and I do
>believe $500 is unreasonable).

No, you just said "This does make sense - a lot of sense." when Jamie
Scheinblum suggested that "unbundled" ASNs be made unreasonably high.

>However, with a REASONABLE first ASN fee (ie: $50 or thereabouts) bundling
>THAT with a /19  when you get your first PI allocation is even more

While I agree that $500 *might* be too high, I honestly do not think
something on the order of $200 or $250 would be too high, especially as a
"one time" fee with the $30 recurring charge.

>After all, the justification for the IP space encompasses that for the ASN,
>so the work has already been done, and the additional effort at that point
>should be literally a few keystrokes.

Good point.

>My proposals to fix the issue with regards to getting a /19 if you're
>multihomed are also out there; has NANOG seen them?

I have not.  But I haven't been following this as closely as I probably
should have.

>Karl Denninger (karl@MCS.Net)| MCSNet - Serving Chicagoland and Wisconsin


Patrick W. Gilmore                      voice: +1-650-482-2840
Director of Operations, CCIE #2983        fax: +1-650-482-2844
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