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Re: A modest proposal

  • From: Kelly J. Cooper
  • Date: Wed Sep 18 15:20:48 1996

On Sep 17,  8:04pm, Robert E. Seastrom wrote:
*   From: Dalvenjah FoxFire <>
*   I haven't used any myself, but apparently there are several software
*   packages out there with a pretty graphical front end, complete with
*   Hollywood-style "Click to destroy machine" buttons and menus.
*Uh huh, right.  If you ever actually see anything like this, lemme know.

Ok, RS.

One piece of software is called UpYours! and it's a mailbombing
tool built by a group called "Global kOS" to run over Windows95.  
It's got a lovely interface including buttons for "BOMB" "ULTRA"
and "STOP" with an input window for "Countdown" start & stop 
times, a choice of edited or randomized source names, randomized 
(from a configurable list) mailers to route the bomb through, 
your message (should you choose to enter one) and a few other 

You can mailbomb someone directly or subscribe them to as many
mailing lists as you set up.  It can supposedly spam newsgroups
as well.  I think they were working on something to implement
IP spoofing in the mix as well but I haven't heard whether that
went through.  If it does, it'll be unfortunate because the 
primary way we were backtracking was having sites being used as
remailers turn on various types of accounting to match time 
stamps with sources.  

It was released in June to the particular consternation of those 
sites whose mailers or mailing lists were used as defaults in the 
code.  It has been implied that this was the tool used to hit a 
number of well-known reporters, the White House, Congress and 
several other people, places and things a month or two so ago.

It only runs on Windows95 and it crashes a lot and there's more 
hype than substance but it is comparitively simple to set up and 
configure and can be used to abuse anyone from a dial-up account.

This tool is just the one "GUI-fied" piece of attack software
that I've dealt with.  I'm fairly sure there are others - simple
to set up, simple to configure, available for any idiot to use.

Kelly J.

Kelly J. Cooper                 Network Operations Security
BBN Planet Corporation          phone   800-632-7638 
150 Cambridge Park Drive        fax     617-873-6351 
Cambridge, MA  02140  
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