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more on the CIX

  • From: Jeff.Ogden
  • Date: Thu Jan 06 08:45:49 1994

Attached is some more information about the CIX.  As you'll see if
you read this all the way to the end I've asked Bill if he can
give us a list of just those CIX networks that are not available to
MichNet by other routes.
You've seen many replies to my initial message about the CIX. I also
received a few private messages.  So far there has been one person
strongly in favor of MichNet access to the CIX, one somewhat in
favor, six or seven against and a few asking for more info. Those
that were against don't seem to be against the CIX, but just don't
think there is enough demand to justify the $10K fee at least today.
One or two people suggested taking a wait and see position since
we know that the Internet in the US will be restructured in major
ways later this year and with any luck that will help the commercial
access question. Of course with some bad luck it could make it
 Date: Tue, 4 Jan 94 19:17:12 EST
 Subject: CIX
   There is a discussion going on within MichNet about the fact that traffic
 between the CIX attached networks and MichNet is being blocked by the CIX.
 We could fight about that some, but that isn't my idea of a good time.
 The discussion within MichNet (between our staff and our customers) is
 if we should pay the $10K per year fee to join the CIX.  A common reply
 is who is it (what networks and what hosts) that we would gain access
 to if we joined the CIX  -- without that info it is hard for people
 to know if spending $10K on this would be money well spent or not.
   Can you or someone help us get an answer to this question?
 Message: 29680025, 214 lines
 Posted: 10:09pm EST, Wed Jan 5/94, imported: 10:12pm EST, Wed Jan 5/94
 Subject: CIX Information
 To: Jeff Ogden
         I have attached a copy of the cix info brochure.  I appreciate the
 chance to give you some "help" if that's what to call it.  I certainly have
 no interest in a fight either.  I would be glad to try to respond to
 specific questions or concerns if I possibly can.  Don't hesitate to raise
 any issues.  Please let me know what other information I can provide for
 you.  I would also be happy to answer any questions you have.  Thanks for
 your inquiry,  Bill W.
 Bill Washburn <>
 Executive Director--Commercial Internet eXchange (CIX) Assoc.
 Vox: (303)482-2150  Fax: (303)482-2884
 718 Mathews St., Ft. Collins, CO  80524
 3110 Fairview Park Dr Suite #590, Falls Church, VA 22042
 Commercial Internet eXchange Association 
 Is your organization a Public Data Internetwork service provider? 
 Does your network want to offer unrestricted access to other networks worldwide?
 Are your network and its users concerned with the development and future
 direction of the Internet?
 If the answer to any of these questions is YES, you should know about the
 Commercial Internet eXchange (CIX). 
 Why is Global Networking Important?
 Telephones and telecommunications have transformed the world of business.
 The commercialization of the Global Internet promises to produce an even
 more profound transformation of business and economic forces, in the
 national and international marketplace. The Global Internet data
 communications industry offers some of the critical tools with which
 corporations, entrepreneurs, research and development facilities, and
 start-up firms can acquire information resources and empirical
 expertise-immediately! This advantage is available regardless of an
 organization's size, geographical location, or market coverage. 
 What is a Commercial Internet Provider?
 Commercial Internet providers' computer networking services enable
 organizations of every size to access and use computers located virtually
 anywhere on the globe. Whether by dial-up or dedicated lines, organizations
 can gain immediate use of electronic mail, news and information services,
 and Internet access. 
 Commercial Internet providers offer the advantage of handling all types of
 traffic (as long as it does not violate applicable laws) - without
 requiring their users to route commercial traffic differently from
 non-commercial traffic (research and education). While one division of a
 company may have access to the Internet, other divisions of the company may
 not and must route their traffic to another network. When using CIX member
 networks, all company traffic goes over the same network without fear of
 violating NSFNET or Internet acceptable use policies. Network managers need
 maintain only one external network, which connects to a CIX member.
 What is the CIX Association?
 The Commercial Internet eXchange Association is a non-profit, 501(c)6,
 trade association of Public Data Internetwork service providers promoting
 and encouraging development of the public data communications
 internetworking services industry in both national and international
 What is the Role of the CIX?
 The CIX provides a neutral forum to exchange ideas, information, and
 experimental projects among suppliers of internetworking services. The CIX
 broadens the base of national and international cooperation and
 coordination among member networks. Together, the membership may develop
 consensus positions on legislative and policy issues of mutual interest.
 CIX enhances the growth and potential of this industry by encouraging
 technical research and development for the mutual benefit of suppliers and
 customers of data communications internetworking services.
 The CIX assists its member networks in the establishment of, and adherence
 to, operational, technical, and administrative policies and standards
 necessary to ensure fair, open, and competitive operations and
 communication among member networks. CIX policies are formulated by a
 member-elected board of directors. 
 Who May Join the CIX?
 Membership in the Commercial Internet eXchange is open to organizations
 which offer TCP/IP or OSI public data internetworking services to the
 general public in multiple geographic regions. Organizations or individuals
 seeking Internet connections are urged to contact CIX members directly for
 further information. Qualified public data Internet service providers
 interested in exchanging commercial traffic with other providers on a peer
 basis are most welcome and encouraged to become CIX Association members. 
 What Networks are Members of CIX?
 o	AlterNet
 o	BARRNet
 o  CentNet
 o	CERFnet
 o  ConnectedNet
 o  Demon INTERnet
 o	EUnet
 o  HoloNet
 o  Hong Kong Supernet
 o  InterCon/AT&T Japan
 o  IowaNetServices
 o  JvNCNet
 o	NEARnet
 o	Nordic Carriers
 o	NorthWestNet
 o	PSINet
 o	Sprintlink
 o  SURAnet
 o  THEnet
 o  WestNet
 o	World dot Net
 Additional networks are joining each month. 
 What Benefits Does the CIX Provide to Member Networks? 
 o CIX provides all member networks with a neutral forum 
 to develop consensus positions on legislative and policy issues.
 o Member networks have a fundamental agreement to 
 interconnect with all other CIX members. There is no restriction on the
 type of traffic that may be routed between member networks. The value of
 this basic agreement to exchange all legitimate traffic will continue to
 increase as the number of CIX member networks grow.
 o There are no "settlements" nor any traffic-based 
 charges between CIX member networks. Each member network connects to all
 other member networks directly or indirectly through the CIX router - at no
 additional cost to member networks.
 o CIX members may designate a representative to the 
 CIX technical committee and the policy committee. Member SIGs are being
 planned to study relevant issues, such as proposing model legislation and
 policies, and coordinating closely with national and international
 networking organizations, government agencies, and relevant standards
 o Periodic membership meetings will be held on topics 
 important to CIX members and pertinent to the CIX Association's mission.
 o The CIX board of directors is elected by all CIX members. 
 Board members serve fixed terms based on a staggered rotation. 
 o All CIX member networks pay the same dues. 
 Benefit levels are the same for all members. 
 o The Commercial Internet eXchange Association serves 
 as a clearinghouse of information and resources for the CIX membership.
 Why is the CIX Important to Network Users? 
 Users of CIX member networks gain access to all CIX member networks,
 greatly increasing the correspondents, files, databases, and information
 services available to them. Users gain a global reach in networking,
 increasing the value of their network connection. 
 How do I contact the CIX?
 CIX Association
 3110 Fairview Park Drive, Suite 590
 Falls Church, VA 22042 USA
 Voice: +1 303 482 2150
 Fax: +1 303 482 2884
 Bill Washburn,
 Executive Director
 Message: 29686777, Reply to: 29680025, 13 lines
 Posted: 8:32am EST, Thu Jan 6/94
 Subject: CIX Information
 From: Jeff Ogden
   Thanks for the info.
   Is there any way to get a list of the networks that are only available
 via the CIX?  That is to say, those networks that MichNet cannot reach
 by virtue of its NSFNET attachment?  MichNet accepts commercial traffic
 from outside of MichNet today without any additional charges  - this
 includes commercial traffic that may come over the NSFNET link.  We also
 connect commercial organizations within Michigan, but there is a commercial
 surcharge to cover the extra fee we pay to ANS CO+RE in these cases. With
 any luck all this will change, get simpler or go away next year.
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