Merit Hosted Infrastructure - Save Time & Money with Merit's Hosted Infrastructure Solutions

Save Time & Money with Merit's Hosted Infrastructure Solutions

Merit can assist your IT department by providing affordable data storage, colocation, virtual servers, and web contingency services. Add the capabilities and increased productivity of additional infrastructure without the capital investment in new hardware. You can also colocate your own servers or machines in one of our secure data centers, or create a backup plan for your web presence.
Merit Cloud Storage
Low-cost backup and archiving solution for bulk, enterprise-level storage.
  Merit Colocation
Locate servers at our secure site for disaster preparedness or other uses.
Merit Secure Sandbox
Secure environment that can be used for cybersecurity education, training exercises, and software testing.
  Merit VirtualDataCenters
Expand your computing resources with a customizable virtual data center.
Business Continuity Services
Be ready for the unexpected with Merit's Hosted Infrastructure Services.

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To get a quote or for assistance, please contact Merit's Sales Team online or call 734-527-5785.

Provision your own Merit VirtualDataCenter and customize it to meet your computing needs.

Use Merit Secure Sandbox for cybersecurity training, software testing & more. It can be adapted to meet your requirements.

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