BGP and Advanced Routing Concepts: A Practical Workshop

Learn BGP Concepts and Best Practices

Join us for the online class BGP and Advanced Routing Concepts: A Practical Workshop on November 13-14, 2012.

In one day of online training and a half-day lab, you will learn BGP and related routing concepts, including configuration, path selection, best practice recommendations and examples of BGP problems and solutions. You will configure Cisco routers in a lab environment to simulate different BGP configurations. This course is developed and presented by engineers from NYSERNet, New York's research and education network.
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Workshop Outline
  1. Basic routing review
    • * Routing protocols
      * Interior and exterior routing
      * Next hop routing
      * Path selection
      * Routing asymmetry

  2. Introduction to BGP
    • * Autonomous systems
      * iBGP and eBGP
      * BGP attributes and path selection algorithms
      * Address families and peer groups
      * Prefix lists and AS path filters

  3. Case studies
    • * Drawn from real examples

  4. Tuning BGP
    • * Route maps
      * Communities
      * Load balancing
      * Manipulating outbound traffic
      * Routing policy best practices

  5. Configuring BGP
    • * Cisco and Juniper architecture
      * Stanzas
      * Address families: IPv4 unicast and multicast; IPv6 unicast
      * Route maps, prefix lists and communities
      * BGP neighbors and routing tables

      Step 1: Configure a BGP session to the commercial upstream provider
      Step 2: Verify the BGP session to the upstream provider
      Step 3: Configure a BGP session to the I2 provider
      Step 4: Verify the routes to I2 are preferred
      Step 5: Configure private peering with the other lab networks
      Step 6: Verify the private peering sessions
      Step 7: Configure MBGP

Prerequisites and Computer Requirements

To attend the workshop you must have experience with general router configuration. Some knowledge of routing protocols is recommended. You must have a computer that is capable of connecting with Adobe Connect; specifications are listed here at Adobe Connect. Your computer must have terminal emulation software installed.

Dates, Times and Registration

This course will consist of a full day of online training on November 13, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. On November 14, half of the class will engage in online lab exercises from 9:00 a.m. to noon, and the second half from 1:00-4:00 p.m. The price for this online workshop is $399 for Merit Members. Attendees from organizations affiliated with Great Plains Network may attend for $449. Others may attend for $499. Training materials will be available for download before the class.
Register for the workshop
Registration may be canceled up to 5:00 p.m. ET on Friday, October 19, 2012, minus a processing fee of $35. Refunds are not available after that date; substitutions are allowed if necessary.

Scholarships available

Scholarships are available through the Professional Learning scholarship program. Anyone from a Merit Member organization may apply for a scholarship, if funding to attend is not otherwise available through the organization. Scholarship applications must be received by Friday, October 12, 2012. We are grateful to the Merit Community Supporters for their contribution to the scholarship program.
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Support for this event provided by the Merit Community Supporters: ADVA Optical Networking, Cisco Systems, Data Strategy and Juniper Networks

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