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Michigan Cyber Range - Cybersecurity Curriculum

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    Grow Your Cybersecurity Skills

    The Michigan Cyber Range provides students and IT professionals with a solid foundation in a number of cybersecurity disciplines. Through hands-on learning and challenging coursework, students gain technical knowledge and experience that prepares them technical knowledge and experience through challenging hands-on exercises and labs.

    The Michigan Cyber Range features a cybersecurity education experience based upon the National Institute of Standards and Technology National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE). The NICE framework organizes and presents the skills and work requirements that America's cybersecurity workforce requires to support the National Preparedness Goals of detecting, mitigating, and defeating malicious actors and cyber-based threats. The framework engages all levels of the workforce, presenting essential concepts, techniques, and practices based on an individual's function within the organization.

    Mile2 - Our Certification Provider

    The training curriculum for courses is developed and provided by Mile2, a developer and provider of vendor neutral professional certifications for the cyber security industry. Mile2 is NSA CNSS-accredited as well as NIST and NICCS mapped.

    The Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) has recognized that Mile2's certification courseware meets all the elements of the CNSS National Training Standards.

    The CNSS Committee is comprised of voting Members from 21 USG Executive Branch departments and agencies. In addition, there are 14 official Committee Observers representing additional organizations outside of the Executive Branch. The Committee carries out the work of protecting the National Security Systems by developing operating policies, procedures, guidelines, directives, instructions and standards as necessary to implement NSD-42.


    The Michigan Cyber Range offers certification courses on many cybersecurity disciplines. Each course prepares you for real-life situations and for the related certification test. When you successfully complete a course, you will be able to confidently take a certification exam on the final day of the course. The multiple-choice exam will be delivered online through a standard web browser, and if you have a score of at 70 percent or better, you will receive a certification for your hard work and effort.

    Certifications Provided By the Michigan Cyber Range (PDF)

    Upcoming Courses and Events

    Click here to see all of the Michigan Cyber Range's course offerings.

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