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The Ideal Service for Sharing Data and Resources Locally Using Merit's Network

Merit On-Net Service is a direct connection to Merit's network and is used only to connect to other locations that are directly connected to Merit's network. The service is ideal for educational organizations and libraries who wish to connect to similar organizations that are already connected to Merit's network. Fixed bandwidth, burstable options, and monthly pricing are available.

Merit On-Net Service Example
The Merit On-Net Service is only for "on-net" traffic and does not use Merit's high-speed network to connect to the Internet. For this reason, the Merit On-Net Service is best for an organization that only needs to share data with other Merit Members or with satellite locations connected to Merit's network.

Superior Reliability & Support

Merit's 24x7, Michigan-based Merit Support Center (MSC) is operated by highly trained staff who continuously monitor the backbone, as well as Member circuits and routers to ensure network availability for each Member. The MSC provides support 24x7, 365 days a year. The Merit Support Center, formerly called the Network Operations Center, has been monitoring high-performance networks since 1987.

The MSC assists Members with network connection issues and questions related to services, including MeritMail, Merit RADb, Merit Colocation, and others. In addition, the Merit Support Center can assist with new service inquiries and provide E-rate support.

For more information about the Merit On-Net Service, please contact us at or call 734-527-5785.

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