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MeritConnect provides our Members with a dedicated network connection by a point-to-point private telco circuit or a wireless connection. Network capacity options are available in flexible, cost-effective increments.

In cases where a fiber-optic connection is not available, MeritConnect is the ideal way to connect to Merit's backbone network.

Advanced Networking Expertise

Merit employs a specialized team of network and software engineers who are available to assist Members with customized design and troubleshooting solutions. Our networking experience includes over 40 years of innovation in the data networking field. Merit Members have direct communication with top management and engineering staff and are encouraged to participate in meetings, product planning, and research activities.

MeritConnect is a fully-managed service, with Merit installing and maintaining the connection and managing the customer premise equipment.

Superior Reliability & Support

Merit's 24x7, Michigan-based Merit Support Center (MSC) is operated by highly trained staff who continuously monitor the backbone, as well as Member fiber connections, circuits and routers to ensure network availability for each Member. The MSC provides support 24x7, 365 days a year. The Merit Support Center, formerly called the Network Operations Center, has been monitoring high-performance networks since 1987.

The MSC assists Members with network connection issues and questions related to services, including MeritMail, Merit RADb, Merit Colocation, and others. In addition, the Merit Support Center can assist with new service inquiries and provide Erate support.

More Than a Customer

Merit is a non-profit organization governed by Michigan's publicly supported universities. Merit also offers services to higher education, K12, library, government and non-profit organizations in Michigan. Known as Members, these organizations fully participate in the Merit community and elect representatives to the Merit Advisory Council.

For more information on MeritConnect, please contact a Member Relations Manager at or call 734-527-5700.

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