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Connectivity Options

Merit Network operates America's longest-running regional network and is a trusted network provider in Michigan. We provide custom network solutions for organizations of all sizes.
A managed fiber attachment service that encompasses design, construction and implementation. Initial MeritFiber connections start at 1 Gbps.
  Merit Connect
Provides a dedicated network connection to Merit's high-performance network by private point-to-point telco circuit or a wireless connection.
Introduction to Merit's Network
Learn about Merit's robust high-speed network, designed to serve our diverse membership.

Service Options

Get more with your Merit network connection. Merit provides a number of network-related services that can benefit our Members.
Merit Consortium Service
Geographically remote sites can 'pool' bandwidth for volume savings, with individual connections to Merit's network.
  Merit Diverse Connection
A redundant backup connection provided by Merit Network.
Merit DNS Services
Domain Name Services (DNS) are provided to Merit Members in conjunction with other services such as network connectivity.
  Merit Multicast Services
Using multicast IP technology, an organization can reduce the amount of bandwidth for streaming.
Merit Network Time Protocol (NTP) Service
Merit offers Stratum 1 NTP services as a value-added feature to our Members.
  Merit On-Net Service
A direct connection to Merit's network, only to connect to other locations that are directly connected to Merit's network.
Merit Transport Service
A commercial-grade, fiber-optic connection between two locations in Michigan.
Merit is Michigan's only connector to the Internet2 network.
Merit Professional Services
Merit provides consulting services for Network Engineering, Network Security, and Traffic Optimization.

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To get a quote or for assistance, please contact Merit's Sales Team online or call 734-527-5785.

Choose a robust connection to Merit's fiber-optic backbone.

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