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Wireless charging, iPhones, Seagate drives, RC4, etc.

    By Brian Warkoczeski - September 03, 2015 8:00 am

A look at IT news...

Intel's charging without wires is coming soon to PCs

CSO - A wireless charging system that packs enough power to replenish a laptop battery should hit the market in 2016, helping realize the long-held dream of a cable-free desk.

More than 225,000 Apple iPhone accounts hacked

CNN Money - Hackers have stolen more than 225,000 Apple accounts from iPhone customers.

Seagate Patches Vulnerabilities in Wireless Hard Drives

Security Week - Seagate has released firmware updates to address several vulnerabilities affecting the company's wireless storage devices.

Microsoft, Google, Mozilla Abandon RC4 Cryptographic Standard

Information Week - With Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla turning against the RC4 cryptographic suite, the standard will likely die in 2016.

Cybercrooks quickly bypass Adobe Flash Player's improved security protections

Network World - Adobe added improved exploit defenses to Flash Player, which were supposed to make security flaws harder to exploit, but cybercriminals evaded the extra security measures and added a new Flash exploit to the Angler Exploit Kit.

Twitter CEO Search Gains Urgency as Stock Slips, Executives Exit

Bloomberg - Pressure on Twitter Inc.'s board is mounting.

Microsoft bulks up Azure virtual machines

CIO - The new GS-series line of Azure virtual machines offers up to 64 terabytes of storage and can deliver 2,000 MBs of throughput to the backend storage.

Attacks accessing Mac keychain without permission date back to 2011

Ars Technica - Technique lets rogue apps ask for keychain access, then click OK.

Victims of June OPM Hack Still Haven't Been Notified

Threat Post - Millions of government workers whose information was implicated in this year's expansive Office of Personnel Management hack still haven't been notified, the agency revealed this week.

Google's Driverless Cars Run Into Problem: Cars With Drivers

New York Times - The cars have been involved in a smattering of minor accidents because they observe traffic laws to the letter -- and people don't.

iPad Pro reportedly launches next week

ZDNET - Next week is the reported coming out party for Apple's iPad Pro according to 9to5 Mac's sources.

As police move to adopt body cams, storage costs set to skyrocket

Computerworld - Petabytes of police video are flooding into cloud services.

Lizard Squad cyber-attackers disrupt National Crime Agency website

The Guardian - Cyber-attackers launch Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) violation on law enforcement agency in apparent revenge for previous arrests.

Report: Some top baby monitors vulnerable to hackers

CBS News - Several of the most popular Internet-connected baby monitors lack basic security features, making them vulnerable to even the most basic hacking attempts, according to a new report from a cybersecurity firm.

Sony Pictures reaches settlement with ex-employees over hacking

CNET - The hack revealed the inner workings of the studio, as well as the personal information of more than 47,000 celebrities, freelancers, and current and former Sony employees.


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