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IT Developments Blog

Stolen Passwords and Data Breaches, iPhone Malware, Dark Web Search Engine

    By Sara Turner - April 22, 2014 9:41 am

Some news from the world of IT...

Stolen Passwords Used In Most Data Breaches

Dark Reading - New Verizon 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report identifies nine types of attack patterns that accounted for 93 percent of security incidents in the past decade.

Mystery malware infecting jailbroken iPhones, iPads

Computer World - Some iOS users found a malicious library of unknown origin that can steal Apple credentials from iOS devices.

Parallon Business Solutions Acknowledges Insider Breach

eSecurity Planet - A former employee inappropriately accessed names, Social Security numbers, home addresses and health insurance information.

Cyber Attack Exercise Reveals Information Sharing Struggles in Healthcare Industry

Security Week - First CyberRX Exercise Outlines Areas for Improvement for Healthcare Organizations.

BMC Software hopes to bring "dev" and "ops" together

ZD Net - BMC Software offers BMC Control-M Workload Change Manager and suggests that this is the best way to help "dev" teams automate change orders and help the "ops" team. Will this help BMC break through in a very busy market?

Facebook's auto-playing videos are working for marketers

CNet - Last year's controversy is this year's marketing opportunity, as the amount of videos being watched climbs to unprecedented heights.

Apple reportedly hopes to replace your credit card with your iPhone

Ars Technica - New hires and old quotes suggest Apple is pushing forward with mobile payments.

Apple Aims to Shrink Its Carbon Footprint With New Data Centers

Wired - Here's that story: Apple is close to its goal of powering all its facilities 100 percent by renewable energy. Its corporate campuses and data centers are now at 94 percent renewable and rising. (In 2010 it was 35 percent.) The next step is to extend the efforts to its retail stores.

5 ways Microsoft will enable your PC to see, sense, and understand

PCWorld - Two years ago, Microsoft's Kinect for Windows literally opened the PC's eyes. And now Microsoft researchers are teaching it to see.

Merchants, buyers on Dark Web get their own search engine

CSO - Once fully functional, the Grams search engine could become 'the single greatest tool to facilitate illegal activities,' an expert says.

Watson Not Only Smart Machine In Town

InformationWeek - Up-and-coming vendors in the genre include AlchemyAPI, Digital Reasoning, Highspot, Lumiata, and Narrative Science, Gartner says.

A bump in the road toward remote-controlled humans

The Washington Post - Zabosu -- an ambitious attempt to offer humans you could control as if by remote control -- has halted its Kickstarter campaign. Karl Lautman made the decision just over a week into the campaign that had raised $550 of a desired $100,000. Apparently the world isn't yet ready for remote-control humans.

Verizon annual cybersecurity report: 'The bad guys are winning'

Los Angeles Times - It's not just your imagination. It's getting uglier out there in cybersecurity land.

CloudFlare Launches Bug Bounty Program

Threat Post - As the OpenSSL heartbleed saga unfolded over the last couple of weeks, one of the companies that was at the forefront of figuring out the scope and effects of the problem was CloudFlare. The company put up a challenge server, asking researchers to hit it with the heartbleed exploit to determine whether private SSL keys really could be leaked via the exploit. (Spoiler alert: they can.)

Free Heartbleed scanner for Chrome and Android

Help Net Security - To help Internet users protect themselves from the Heartbleed bug that is eroding SSL security features on websites worldwide, Trend Micro released two free Heartbleed scanners for computers and mobile devices designed to verify whether they are communicating with servers that have been compromised by the Heartbleed bug.

Government Employees Cause Nearly 60% of Public Sector Cyber Incidents

NextGov - About 58 percent of cyber incidents reported in the public sector were caused by government employees, according to an annual data breach report compiled by Verizon. The findings -- stripped of identifying information -- do not mention ex-contractor Edward Snowden's mammoth leak of national secrets.

The sky is falling! Hackers target satellites

InfoWorld - IOActive reports finds serious risks -- and slim prospects for fixes -- in satellite communications.

Google Trends Lets Users 'Subscribe' to Search Updates

eWeek - Google Trends has added an option that allows Web surfers to subscribe to automatic updates on the search terms that interest them.


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