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GM, BIND, Aquila, Sys Admins, Windows 10, etc.

    By Brian Warkoczeski - July 31, 2015 8:04 am

A look at IT news...

Hacker shows he can locate, unlock and remote start GM vehicles

CIO - A security researcher has posted a video on YouTube demonstrating how a device he made can intercept wireless communications to locate, unlock and remotely start GM vehicles that use the OnStar RemoteLink mobile app.

Critical BIND denial-of-service flaw could disrupt large portions of the Internet

Computerworld - Attackers could exploit a new vulnerability in BIND, the most popular Domain Name System (DNS) server software, to disrupt the Internet for many users.

Facebook launches Aquila solar-powered drone for internet access

The Guardian -Social media company plans to start testing the craft, which is intended to provide internet access to remote areas, within months.

The Evolution Of The System Administrator

Information Week - Today is System Administrator Appreciation Day. Join us in celebrating these unsung IT heroes and take a look at how much the role has changed through the years.

14 million PCs upgraded to Windows 10 in the first day

Ars Technica - Free upgrades are proving popular.

PagerDuty Warns Customers of Data Breach

Security Week - San Francisco-based operations performance management company PagerDuty informed customers on Thursday that its systems were breached earlier this month.

This idea by the FCC is terrifying Apple, Amazon and Microsoft

Washington Post - An FCC proposal would put some streaming video firms into the same regulatory bucket as multichannel video programming distributors, or cable and satellite TV firms.

Office Mobile won't work on your tablet PC without this trick

InfoWorld - If you try to use a corporate or education Office 365 subscription on a personal tablet, Microsoft will lead you astray.

Cisco Fixes DoS Vulnerability in ASR 1000 Routers

Threat Post - Cisco has patched a denial-of-service vulnerability in its ASR 1000 line of routers, a bug that's caused by an issue with the way the routers handle some fragmented packets.

Hisense snaps up Sharp America in $24m deal

ZDNET - Hisense has completely taken over Sharp's television business across the United States.

Networks Outsource Their Networking

Bloomberg - Streaming companies see brisk business from TV programmers.

Smart Sniper Rifle Vulnerable to Hacks

PC Magazine - In terrifying hacker news, a research duo have figured out how to hack a smart sniper rifle.

The big three record labels threaten to boycott YouTube, according to reports

PC World - The labels apparently feel they're getting a raw deal from the video-streaming service.

From Russia With Love: A Slew of New Hacker Capabilities and Services

Dark Reading - A review of the Russian underground by Trend Micro reveals it to be the world's most sophisticated.

Google said to be trying out new version of Glass for workplace

CNET - The search giant has made tweaks to its smart eyewear as it pitches the device to the enterprise. One change: Workers will be able to attach the device to an existing pair of glasses.

Facebook is now the world's most-used tech product

CNN Money - At the end of June, nearly 1.5 billion people used Facebook at least once a month, the company reported on Wednesday.


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