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OpenSSH, OS X, Hacking cars, LifeLock, etc.

    By Brian Warkoczeski - July 23, 2015 8:06 am

News from the world of IT...

OpenSSH Vulnerability Exposes Servers to Brute Force Attacks

Security Week - A vulnerability in OpenSSH can be exploited to bypass the maximum number of authentication attempts and launch brute force attacks against a targeted server, a researcher has warned.

Bug in latest version of OS X gives attackers unfettered root privileges

Ars Technica - Released proof-of-concept exploit code could make existing Mac attacks meaner.

Chryslers can be hacked over the Internet

CNN Money - A flaw in several Chrysler models lets hackers remotely control them over the Internet, posing an unprecedented danger for American drivers.

FTC sues identity protection service LifeLock again

CSO - The agency contends the company hasn't complied with a 2010 settlement.

Two sentences explaining why your self-driving car won't have a steering wheel

Washington Post - Self-driving cars are on the horizon, but don't expect them to include a steering wheel for you to grab.

In Apple Watch Debut, Signs of a Familiar Path to Success

New York Times - Some technology pundits have declared the device a flop, but Apple has a history of using incremental improvements to make its products indispensable.

Class Action Suit Against Neiman Marcus Over Data Breach Revived

Threat Post - It turns out that Neiman Marcus, one of many retailers that announced it suffered a data breach last year, will indeed face a class action lawsuit which claims the upscale department store failed to protect its system from hackers.

How to check if you've been attacked by Hacking Team intrusion malware

Network World - Here's how to find out if you're infected.

How Attivo Networks is Raising the Bar on Honeynet Security

eWeek - Four-year-old startup Attivo Networks of Fremont, Calif. is one of those new-gen thought leaders, bringing its own approach to security in a sector called honeynets.

Sen. Al Franken Urges Federal Probe of Apple Music

NBC News - Several weeks after the launch of Apple Music, Sen. Al Franken has sent a letter to two federal agencies urging them to look into the way Apple operates its music-streaming service.

Nonstop Cyber Attacks Drive Israel to Build Hack-Proof Defense

Bloomberg - The country takes steps to stop cyber attacks.

Microsoft to make enterprise security tools available

Computerworld - Advanced Threat Analytics and Rights Management Service to be offered next month.

New Google timeline archives your every move

CBS News - You may not be conscious of most of the time, but Google loves tracking your every move. That's what makes many of its location-based services possible.

Consumers browsing -- but not buying -- via mobile and social media

CIO - While mobile devices are effective tools for browsing online, and social media can help consumers learn more about products they're interested in, they don't generally lead to purchases, according to a new study.

Is your car vulnerable to hackers?

USA Today - 'Everything is hackable,' but the auto industry says it's investing heavily in R&D and information sharing to shield cars from cyber attacks.


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