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GitHub, Donuts, Intel, British Airways, etc.

    By Brian Warkoczeski - March 30, 2015 8:37 am

Some news from the world of IT...

GitHub recovering from massive DDoS attacks

Computerworld - Software development platform GitHub said Sunday it was still experiencing intermittent outages from the largest cyberattack in its history but had halted most of the attack traffic.

How Donuts Is Playing a Big Role in the New gTLD Era

eWeek - With $100 million in VC funding and well over 100 new top-level domain names, Donuts has emerged to become the pre-eminent vendor in the new era of Internet domains.

Secrecy on the Set: Hollywood Embraces Digital Security

New York Times - To better protect scripts, casting decisions, budgets and other sensitive files, filmmakers are turning to new tools to thwart hackers and block prying eyes.

Kansas City, Mo., Employees Fall for Fake Hack

Government Technology - Would-be hackers duped 280 Kansas City employees into opening the door to municipal computer systems sometime in the last six months, a city audit report said.

Intel Is Said to Be in Talks to Acquire Chipmaker Altera

Bloomberg - Intel Corp. is in talks to acquire Altera Corp., people with knowledge of the matter said, as the world's largest chipmaker searches for growth beyond a moribund personal-computer market.

Harry Reid's retirement could give tech companies a huge leg up in the Senate

Washington Post - Chuck Schumer could soon be the most powerful Democrat in the Senate. That's great news for tech.

British Airways notifies frequent flyers of possible breach of their accounts

CIO - Over the last few days, a large number of British Airways customers have found that reward points they accumulated for flights, called Avios, have disappeared from their accounts. Others have been locked out of their accounts completely.

FCC will vote next month on plan to share valuable 3.5GHz spectrum

InfoWorld - Mobile service providers and consumers would get access to a fat frequency band used mostly by government today.

iOS, OS X Library AFNetwork Patches MiTM Vulnerability

Threat Post - Until yesterday, a popular networking library for iOS and OS X, used by several apps like Pinterest and Simple was susceptible to SSL man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attacks.

​Phishing emails to watch out for

CBS News - Scammers are getting better at getting you to dish out your details, especially since the Anthem and Target hacks.

G20 world leaders' personal information leaked in 'email error'

CNET - Australian G20 organizers have been left red-faced after it was revealed an email autofill error led to a leak of passport details for 31 world leaders, including Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin and more.

Slack boosts security after data breach

CSO - Slack, a popular start-up focused on collaboration in the workplace, said on Friday that a database storing user profile information was compromised in February.


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