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IT Developments Blog

Cellphone usage, FCC, Tor, IoT report, MinnowBoard Max, etc.

    By Brian Warkoczeski - July 31, 2014 9:05 am

A look at IT news...

Android grabs record 85% smartphone share

Computerworld - Large-screen iPhones could pose a threat to Google's dominance, said Strategy Analytics.

FCC questions Verizon Wireless on speed throttling plan

USA Today - Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has formally questioned Verizon Wireless about its plan to slow data speeds to some customers.

Putin Sets $110,000 Bounty for Cracking Tor as Anonymous Internet Usage in Russia Surges

Bloomberg - Russia's Interior Ministry is offering a contract worth 3.9 million rubles ($110,000) "to study the possibility of obtaining technical information on users and users' equipment of Tor anonymous network," according to an announcement posted last week on the government's website for state purchases.

'Internet of Things' Devices Vulnerable to Attack: Report

NBC News - A new study by HP finds that the devices and networks making up the "Internet of Things" often lack common security features, leaving them and possibly your home open to attack.

Many antivirus products are riddled with security flaws

InfoWorld - Antivirus products increase a computer's attack surface and may even lower an operating system's protections, a security researcher claims.

Intel's Raspberry Pi-like MinnowBoard Max behind schedule, selling at a premium

PC World - The open-source PC board lists at $129 but will cost more from the first retailers selling it.

How patent reform's fraught politics have left USPTO still without a boss

Washington Post - The once-sleepy agency has quickly become a battleground for who will control how government and innovation intersect in the US.

Security Holes Found In Some DLP Products

Dark Reading - Researchers to reveal key security flaws in commercial and open-source data loss prevention software at Black Hat USA next week.

ICANN to plaintiffs: No, you can't have all of Iran's domains

Ars Technica - Attack victims won 2003 judgment against Iran but haven't been able to collect.

Facebook's Expands in Zambia

ABC News - Facebook's project is taking another step toward its goal of bringing the Internet to people who are not yet online with an app launching Thursday in Zambia.

ICS-CERT Warns of Flaw in Innominate mGuard Secure Cloud Product

Threat Post - The ICS-CERT is warning users about a vulnerability in a secure public cloud product from Innominate that enables an attacker to gain valuable configuration data about a target system, information that could be used in future attacks.

EU antitrust regulators to scrutinize Google's Android, report says

CNET - Regulators may examine whether or not Google uses Android's dominance to unfairly spread the use of its own services over those of competitors.

IBM snaps up Italian cloud security vendor CrossIdeas

ZDNET - IBM is adding more troops for its assault on the enterprise security market - this time with an Italian vendor giving it tools to handle segregation of duties.

This is Instagram's answer to Snapchat

CNN - If you can't buy them, copy them.


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