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IT Developments Blog

Windows 10, Shellshock, Deutsche Bank London, OS X Yosemite, Student Data Protection Law, etc.

    By Brian Warkoczeski - October 01, 2014 8:10 am

Some news from the world of IT...

Microsoft unveils Windows 10

CBS News - Skipping the number 9, Microsoft said Tuesday it is updating its operating system from Windows 8 to Windows 10. Details were announced at a press-only event in San Francisco.

Cisco, Oracle find dozens of their products affected by Shellshock

Network World - Cisco Systems and Oracle are hard at work identifying networking and other products in their portfolios that are affected by the critical Shellshock vulnerability.

How A Major Bank Hacked Its Java Security

Dark Reading - Deutsche Bank London helped create a new application self-defense tool to lock down and virtually patch its Java-based enterprise applications -- even the oldest ones.

Apple delivers OS X Yosemite 'golden master' to devs

InfoWorld - Along with another public beta build, release means the final version is on track for an Oct. 21 rollout.

Apple's Shellshock patch for Macs is incomplete, says security researcher

CNET - Apple just released a patch for Shellshock, a bug that could give hackers access to Macintosh computers, but a security specialist says Apple fixed only two out of three security holes.

California Enacts Student Data Protection Law

Government Technology - In reaction to Google's controversial use of student data in its Apps for Education suite, California passes one of the most aggressive student privacy laws in the nation.

Shellshock flaw poses risks to payments industry

Computerworld - The "Shellshock" flaw has the potential to pose a risk to the payments industry, but doesn't appear to have caused any problems yet, an official with a consortium run by major credit card companies warned on Tuesday.

Holder urges tech companies to leave device backdoors open for police

Washington Post - His remarks followed announcements from Apple and Google earlier this month of new smartphone encryption policies.

WPScan Vulnerability Database a New WordPress Security Resource

Threat Post - Researcher Ryan Dewhurst released the WPScan Vulnerability Database, a database housing security vulnerabilities in WordPress core code, plug-ins and themes. It's available for pen-testers, WordPress administrators and developers.

Hackers Charged With Stealing Xbox Games, Army Technology

NBC News - Four men have been charged with breaking into computer networks of technology companies and the U.S. Army and stealing more than $100 million worth of software and data, the Department of Justice announced.

Attackers Rush to Exploit Bash Flaw Before Systems Are Patches

eWeek - Attackers use the bug in Bash to scan for vulnerable servers, augment backdoor Trojans and create botnets, aiming to strike before the systems are patched.

JibJab introduces messages app

USA Today - Celebrating their 15th year in business, the guys who make the wacky e-cards with dancing heads are taking their act to text messages.

Intel pushes factory IoT with $9 million cost savings at plant

CIO - The Internet of Things is billed as an almost magical realm of possibilities where everything from thermostats to cars will be online.

Malware program targets Hong Kong protesters using Apple devices

CSO - A malware program that targets Hong Kong activists using Apple devices has trademarks of being developed by a nation-state, possibly China, according to a security company.

Supervalu gets hacked... again

CNN - Supervalu, the grocery chain with thousands of stores, has been hit by a hacker.


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