Merit Hosted Applications - Essential Applications for Everyday Needs

Essential Applications for Everyday Needs

Merit provides services that can help your users communicate via email, phone, and web conferencing, as well as applications to help your orgnization share video/media and to monitor the health of your network. Merit's hosted applications deliver valuable solutions for everyday needs, while requiring much less maintenance and expense than in-house applications. Offer your users more services by adding hosted applications to your Merit services portfolio.
Merit Cloud Media
Easily share and present video/media online, plus dynamic tools.
Low-cost IP Telephone service for organizations of any size.
Hosted service with email, calendaring, document sharing and more.
  MeritList Manager
Provides distribution list management with an easy-to-use web interface.
Merit MailScreen
Provides spam/virus filtering, integrating into your existing email service.
  Merit Michigan ID
A federated identity solution to create a single sign-on system.
Merit RADb
Services related network routing and network assets.

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To get a quote or for assistance, please contact Merit's Sales Team online or call 734-527-5785.

MeritMail Collaboration Suite is the comprehensive hosted messaging solution that features email, calendaring, and document sharing within a dynamic web client.  Plus anti-spam and anti-virus protection is included.

Providing flexibility and affordability, MeritVoice is an IP phone service that's perfect for any size organization.Lower your phone costs with a reliable voice over IP (VoIP) solution.

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